Coming Clean in the Laundry Room

Coming Clean in the Laundry Room

When you think of exciting, sexy rooms to dress up and talk about, the Laundry room is probably not even on the list. It is functional at best, meant to be neither seen nor heard, but to be used and then closed off.

Luxury laundry room with concealed SubZero storage

Luxury laundry room with concealed SubZero storage – Dream Homes Inc.

At least until now. The long overlooked laundry room has been given the spotlight as of late, and we’re excited to tell you about some of the reasons why.

  • LOOKS.  Laundry rooms are getting a much needed facelift.  With luxury touches such as wallpaper, unique flooring, decorative lighting and even artwork the “ugly stepsister” is now a room where you want to hang out and show off!
  • LOCATION. The laundry room has officially come out of the closet! And the basement! Thanks in part to baby boomers who are renovating their homes to age in, the laundry room has moved up in the world. No more hauling loads of laundry to and from the basement.  The laundry room now has a featured location on the main floor of the house – typically near the kitchen and garage to allow greater flexibility of use.
  • INNOVATION. Did you know there is now a washer on the market that contains a dryer, meaning you no longer have to transfer loads? And a laundry robot being developed that can be programmed to sort, separate and fold!  Smart appliances are what it’s all about, and the market is about to explode with them, including full size, residential steam and dry cleaning cabinets that will save you big bucks on take out.
    LG Sidekick dual washer with secondary basin for small loads

    LG Sidekick dual washer with secondary basin for small loads

  • ROOM WITH A MULTI-PURPOSE. Since the desk has officially been banned from the modern kitchen, where do you go to throw the crap you used to keep there? Fear no more.  As laundry rooms get more important and consequently, larger, they serve more needs…such as wrapping stations, pet feeding/bathing stations, desk/bill paying stations, etc.    The laundry room is no longer a room to shun or shame you!  Instead, embrace the clean.


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