david bowie

Artist: Helen Green

Time may change me…

Hard as it is to believe, it’s been a year now since David Bowie left us.   While his physical being has left this earth, he will live on for all time.

Just as important as the music and his gifts as producer and actor, David Bowie was a master of transformation.   From Davy Jones to David Bowie to Ziggy Stardust and back again, he was a chameleon who embraced change.

As we embark on 2017, I think it’s important for all of us to be like Bowie and allow ourselves to embrace change. This week we will see a new President take office. Someone who perhaps defies our perceptions of who would hold the highest office in our country.

As a result of the contentious tenor of the campaign cycle, anger was misdirected, and we turned our backs on each other.  Regardless of who you voted for, or didn’t vote for, we have to remember that this boat is one we are all in.  Together. We have to be willing to transform, to move forward, into the unknown. Into the change.

Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older…

With the turning of the calendar page comes renewed hope.  We make resolutions and intentions and promises.  We try something new. Or we just try again.

At Daydream Incorporated, that change comes in the form of rebranding. New logo. New name.  We are now Dream Homes Inc., a name that more closely reflects our mission, what we do and who we are as a firm. More on that in my next blog, coming soon.

Time may change me…

I sure hope so.

Dream Homes-sm

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