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Kintsugi photo: June's Child

02 Jan For 2018: Broken is Better than New

[caption id="attachment_16618" align="alignnone" width="300"] Kintsugi photo: June's Child[/caption] [ik_fb_like_button title="Kintsugi and the Art of the Broken Pieces" page_id="http://dream-homes-inc.com" height="45" colorscheme="light"] For 2018, consider the beauty in the broken. With each new year comes new resolve in the form of "resolutions" that many of us make to ourselves, our...

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sydney australia

10 Jan Resolutions

Welcome to 2016!! You made it, and that alone is reason to celebrate! The image above is iconic  -- Sydney Harbor, and the Sydney Opera House lit by thousands of exploding fireworks to mark the end of one year and the advent of another.  It's been a...

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