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It’s a Wonderful Life

14 Dec It’s a Wonderful Life


“Maybe this year will be….”
It’s the end of another year! Seems it happens faster and faster, the older I get. We roll through spring, summer, complain about the weather/heat/cold/rain, get that first blast of fall in the morning air and rejoice…that’s where the renewal seems to come from, here in Colorado! Then we wait/long for the first snowfall, because it marks something – ski season, the Holidays, family time, travel time, whatever.
2015 was a cornucopia of excitement/fear/change/confusion in the worldly scheme of things. If you roll your brain back over the months, you see too many reports of gun violence, dishonesty in the news, finger-pointing in politics, blame, blame, blame.
And yet….here we are midway through December, 2016 looming, and it’s hard not to feel…Hopeful. Optimistic. Joyous in fact. And most of all –and yes, some of us have to reach for it – grateful. Grateful for our own personal corner of the world which we’ve carved for ourselves, that is healthy and present. Grateful for the loved ones we’ve loved and lost, and for those we love still. Grateful for a home, or our children, or a job, or a creative outlet or music or homemade banana bread or fresh powder….
“…Better than the Last.”…
By day, I’m an Interior Design Professional. I listen, I imagine, I design, I create. I actualize the dreams of others in their homes. But the rest of the time, I hope. For my kids’ happiness, for my mother’s good health, for the future of all of us.
And so, here’s to 2016 – Dream Big! Hope! Help! And most of all, believe that maybe this year will be better than the last…Because I think it will.
Joyce Clegg
December 2015

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