Dream Homes Inc | Black Holes and Revelations
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Black Holes and Revelations

09 Mar Black Holes and Revelations


One hundred yeaEinstein's Theory of General Relativityrs ago, an odd, socially awkward patent clerk in Switzerland named Albert Einstein, surmised a theory so far beyond the capacity of man and science of the time to understand, that it was dismissed.

He called it the “general theory of relativity“.  It was a new way of thinking about gravity, space, and mass, and introduced the possibility of “black holes” in space.

Einstein theorized that space and time were connected, i.e. space-time. Rather than being flat, and was generally understood, he believed that “space-time could bend or fold, and that the curvature was directly determined by the distribution of matter and energy contained within it.”

A perfect example is the way a trampoline sags when a person is standing in the middle of it. Only we’re talking about the Universe.

Wow, right?  Mind boggling stuff.  Interestingly enough, it took all the rest of science 100 years to discover that he was in fact, correct.  A probe launched in 2004, recently sent back data that proves it.

So what does this have to do with Interior Design, you ask??  Really, everything.  Everything is interwoven — nature and the built environment, man and animals, earth, sky, water.  We are stewards of our Universe and it is imperative to nurture what we have here.  Deconstruct rather than demolish.  Reduce waste, recycle and up-cycle whenever possible.  Always seek out new greener, healthier options for producing textiles;  reforest.  We are the Creative Collective, so let’s use what we do to better the planet, not just the work space or home of one.