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Author: ddassist


07 May The Power of Communication

          It is said that "a good relationship starts with good communication."  Make no mistake: every engagement with another in our lives can fall into the category of "relationship". We relate to people all the time -- our kids, our spouse or partner, our parents, our co-workers...

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sydney australia

10 Jan Resolutions

Welcome to 2016!! You made it, and that alone is reason to celebrate! The image above is iconic  -- Sydney Harbor, and the Sydney Opera House lit by thousands of exploding fireworks to mark the end of one year and the advent of another.  It's been a...

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14 Dec It’s a Wonderful Life

“Maybe this year will be….” It’s the end of another year! Seems it happens faster and faster, the older I get. We roll through spring, summer, complain about the weather/heat/cold/rain, get that first blast of fall in the morning air and rejoice…that’s where the renewal seems...

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